Rafting At Glenwood Springs, Fundraiser For Epic Experience

Join us for the second annual Raftoberfest! Your fun day on and off the Colorado River. This event will kick things off with floating down the Colorado river with the best reviewed rafting company in Colorado, White Water Rafting LLC. You will then be able to relax in the afternoon with a brewery tasting with multiple breweries at their boathouse. All proceeds from this event will benefit Epic Experience which serves the adult cancer community through community building and outdoor adventure camps. Get your tickets now before they run out!

Rafting At Glenwood Springs

I was gonna go to this event that I figured I share with y'all, too. You know, for anyone that wants an excuse to go up to Colorado for the weekend? I'm volunteering with this non profit called Epic Experience that Sunday after. This event is being hosted by them. They provide week long camp for adult cancer survivors, so the money made would go towards providing cancer survivors this awesome experience. The director is suppose to put a ticket option for non-drinkers. But yeah, just giving y'all a heads up! Here's the link to sign up!


Event Date & Time:

  • Date: August 24, 2019
    Time: Members Only
RSVP List: Members only