Sand Volleyball Social (Member only)

A great place to get to know members! Play volleyball or just hang out to meet people. With the large patio, there is something for everyone!

A great place to get to know members!  Play volleyball or just hang out to meet people.  With the large patio, there is something for everyone! 


We’re an inclusive group which means we still hit the ball to new players who may or may not be able to return it. It’s the only way people can get better!  So don’t worry about your experience level.  We’ll also alternate the games so we have some beginner games and some intermediate games. 


Don’t you want to play volleyball? No problem!  

Plenty of people come out just to socialize on the large patio, play a game of cornhole or ping pong! Plus, they have a full bar and food truck. 


Getting there: You can’t see Sideout from the street near the railroad tracks. Once you turn, you’ll see a large dark parking lot. Sideout is at the very end of the parking lot and fully lit when you get there. 


Parking: FREE PARKING and there is plenty of it! The parking lot is overflow parking for While Oak Music Hall (WOMH). If there is an event at WOMH, you might see a parking attendee collecting money for parking. Just tell them that you’re there for volleyball and you don’t have to pay to park. 


How to find the group: The venue is not usually packed. When you walk in, turn to the right and follow the patio towards the building. We usually set up a table with an HTXoutdoors sign outside of the door that leads inside the building. If you get to the ping pong table or the dog park, just turn around and you’ll probably see us on the right. If you don’t see the HTXoutdoors sign, ask the bartender. They usually know where we are. We usually play on Court 1 which is the court closest to the bar. 


Dog-Friendly for friendly dogs. The dog must be on a leash… UNLESS… you let them loose in the dog park attached to the patio! 


Kid-Friendly for friendly kids until 9 pm. After 9 pm, the venue turns to 21+. 

Event Date & Time:

  • Date: January 17, 2020
    Time: Members Only
RSVP List: Members only