About Us

About HTXoutdoors

3 Core Values:

Adventure:  Experience Life

Adventure is about Living Life to the Fullest.  From big multi-sport, multi-day travel like hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu to showing up for a casual volleyball game on a Friday night.

Adventure is about Experiencing Life.

Inclusive: You're Not Alone

The heart of HTXoutdoor comes from our Event Leaders who are passionate about sharing these passions with you. 

Every event has an event leader so you don’t have to worry about showing up by yourself. They greet you and introduce you to others.

We are a no-drop group.  We believe in “you do you.” We are all at different levels of fitness and skills and that’s OK!  We have events for beginners and more advanced events so there is something for everyone. 

So whether you’ve been rocking it for years, or looking to try new things, we’re an inclusive group to get you there.


Last but not least is connections.  When you do things you enjoy, it’s easy to make connections with new people. 

We are a diverse community who likes to try new things, explore and have like-minded people to go with.

We believe in making connections within the group, the community and the Great Outdoors.


Like minded people, getting together to explore Houston & Texas and make new friends along the way.

A full calendar of activities you can join.  When work keeps you longer than you expected and you suddenly realize you did make any plans for the weekend, just open the calendar and pick our adventure.


We've already done the work for you.

Trying new things is easy when you have equipment available to you to try for free. Go camping, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Kayaking, Rock Climbing and more without worrying about a large upfront expense.

Sister Companies

As a member of HTXoutdoors, you are a member of all of our sister companies.

BCO Logo

Bayou City Outdoors

Houston, TX

Bayou City Outdoors has been the largest & most active outdoor social club in Houston for about the past 15 years! They love being active, trying new things, exploring Houston & the World & just plain ol' HAVING FUN!

Adventure Club SA is an activity driven outdoor and social club for the San Antonio metropolitan and surrounding area. We are open to both couples and singles that are interested in making a fundamental change in their life for the better. This is not a dating club. All of our events are group oriented, providing a safe as well as fun way of participating in many activities and meeting lots of new people.

While you're in Austin, don't forget to check out Hill Country Outdoors. Their calendar is full of fun events to show you Austin's hidden gems, favorite local eateries and the best brew pubs. Enjoy everything Austin has to offer like SUP and kayaking on Lady Bird Lake, hiking Barton Creek greenbelt and so much more.