First and foremost, HTXoutdoors is about its members.  A strong desire to get outdoors, do something different, be apart of something extraordinary. It's about creating stories from your past and planning journeys for your future.  It's about never settling and taking that one step to make a difference.  No matter how your define making a difference, little adjustments to your weekend plans or a complete overhaul of your social schedule, members of HTXoutdoors help you make it happen.


Write the Stories that Make Your Life

I want to help people write the stories that make up their lives.  Stories that start with “you’ll never believe what I did…” or “I just had the BEST time…”

I remember when I was 18.  I worked for an outdoor adventure company in Charlotte.  An employee was getting married and asked for honeymoon ideas.  They wanted outdoor activities.  I remember very clearly everyone having something to contribute to the conversation…except me. They were talking about when rainy seasons were in various countries, when the crowds would be there and sharing their own personal stories about trips.

I decided right there that I wanted to live a life where I had stories to tell.  And that is just what I did. One year later I became a raft guide, even though I had never been on white water.  The following year I went to Australia on a semester abroad.  And as my Australian friends can confirm (This one time, on the river…) my story telling days had begun.

Once I made that decision to create my own stories, I became that person in the office who people wanted to know what I did over the weekend.  One Monday morning my friend came into my office.  She asked me, “What crazy thing did you get into this weekend?”  I couldn’t turn my head so I turned my whole body, “I went skydiving…I think I got a bit of whiplash” I say with a smile.  Adrenaline still running through my body I’m sure.

Since then I have a had a lot of people tell me that they live vicariously through me.  That they would love to do some of the things that I’m doing.  And so I am finally ready to help people start doing the things THEY have always dreamed about doing.  I’m ready to start helping people write the stories that will make up their life.  Stories that will carry on through friends and family.  They’ll say, “Remember that one time when you … “

Sister Companies

As a member of HTXoutdoors, you are a member of all of our sister companies.

BCO Logo

Bayou City Outdoors

Houston, TX

Bayou City Outdoors has been the largest & most active outdoor social club in Houston for about the past 15 years! They love being active, trying new things, exploring Houston & the World & just plain ol' HAVING FUN!

Adventure Club SA is an activity driven outdoor and social club for the San Antonio metropolitan and surrounding area. We are open to both couples and singles that are interested in making a fundamental change in their life for the better. This is not a dating club. All of our events are group oriented, providing a safe as well as fun way of participating in many activities and meeting lots of new people.

North Shore Outdoors

North Shore, MA

COMING SOON!  We are expanding to the east coast of the US. In Spring 2017, North Shore Outdoors will join our club.


While you're in Austin, don't forget to check out Hill Country Outdoors. Their calendar is full of fun events to show you Austin's hidden gems, favorite local eateries and the best brew pubs. Enjoy everything Austin has to offer like SUP and kayaking on Lady Bird Lake, hiking Barton Creek greenbelt and so much more.

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