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Discover Houston Outdoors!

The easiest way to get started exploring the great outdoors is with Hiking!  Yes, it does exist in Houston!


There are dirt trails, with twists and turns and even some hills, right here inside the loop.  Some of these trails native Houstonians don't even know about.

On our Hiking 101 Webinar, we go through where to hike and how to get started.  Plus we have tons of outdoor resources like checklists and workbooks to help you plan your next big hike or your very first hike!

Hike to Machu Picchu

Have you dreamed of hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu?  We have been several times over the years and it's such an amazing trip!

We help you prepare so you don't have to worry if you'll make it our not. 😀  And since we've been already, you'll know exactly what to expect on your trip.

Machu Picchu


Once you start hiking, camping is usually quick to follow because you can spend the entire weekend in the woods and hike as much as you want.  At first glance, camping can see overwelming and expensive with all of the gear that you need.

We make Camping easy so you can just enjoy your time outdoors.