Camping during new moon

During the new moon, the sky should be a bit dark making it easier to see the stars! So let’s sleep under the stars!

Just about 2 hours from Houston, it’s easy to get to after work on Friday or sneak out a little early to setup your camp during the day like.

~7 miles of hiking or mountain biking, a small lake / large pond for kayaking or SUP, scenic drive to a 2nd park and stargazing at night.

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Backpacking the Grand Canyon

This will be an intermediate-to-advanced level backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon. We’ll start along the Bright Angel Trail at the South Rim and head towards the North Rim via the North Kaibab Trail. The North Rim is closed to cars at this time, so it will only be accessible by those who backpack the 23 miles from rim to rim.

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