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HTXO Crew Leading Events


Emely Baruque

Events she leads: All kinds of events - runs, theater, food, festivals, camping, dancing, boot camps, sup yoga and more

About Emely: I am originally from Colombia. Moved from Florida to Houston in 2008, I love traveling to new places, learning about different cultures and eating ethnic foods. I have found a new passion for National Parks and hope to visit them all. I love trying new things and challenges which is one of the reasons I love HTXOutdoors so much.

Her HTXO experience: HTXO has been an incredible experience and has changed my life. I have met people who are now some of my closest friends. I have seen amazing new places such as Iceland, Teton, Big Bend, new State Parks and more while doing and learning new activities and experiences. It has helped me create new life goals and enjoy this diverse beautiful city and world.

Her favorite outdoor place: Anywhere new with fantastic views - If I have to pick one place Teton or Glacier NP

Emely's New/Exciting Event Ideas: Backpacking (beyond Lonestar trail), National Parks, Latin Dancing, and more


Luis Pieraldi

Events he leads: Hiking, camping and backpacking.


About Luis: I’m from Puerto Rico and my wife Naixa and I moved to Houston in early 2016 with our 5 dogs. We are the type of people who like going to different places without a plan and stay where the night catches us..


His HTXO experience: Real cool group to know new people and try a lot of different activities.


His favorite outdoor place: The beach or anywhere away from the city.


Luis's New/Exciting Event Ideas: In my bucket list are the W Trek in the Chilean Patagonia and the G20 in Corsica.


Ryan Jarreau

Events he leads: Mountain Biking, Hiking/Backpacking, Misc.

About Ryan: I moved south of Houston from Louisiana in January 2018. I love to hike, backpack, camp, mountain bike, try new things, and meet new people. I recently became slightly obsessed with traveling, so you will see me all over the place.

His HTXO experience: I was pretty much an inactive homebody before HTXO. I only knew a couple of people and had no clue where to go or what to do. I signed up, started showing up at events, kept seeing the same faces, and have made some great friends. I've found places I would never have found on my own, traveled and saw things I never thought I would, and have had more fun here than I ever have anywhere else.

His favorite outdoor place: Inca Trail in Peru. It's an amazing journey. And ny favorite places are in remote areas away from the city to enjoy nature.

Ryan's New/Exciting Event Ideas: Banff National Park, crawfish social, more poker nights, short backpacking trips, DIY camping, Bandera Bike Park bike and camp, maybe a jam session/sing-a-long? I can sorta play guitar and I'm sure we have some other musically talented members.

Kalli EL

Kalli Ferris

Events she leads: Mud Runs, Camping, Hiking

About Kalli: I'm a Houston native, mostly North of Houston. My favorite thing in the world is traveling and seeing new places. I can frequently be found on most of the camping trips or at an Obstacle Course Race, covered in mud! And I'm always up for trying something new!

Her HTXO experience: Last year ended on one of the lowest points in my life, but I picked myself up and joined HTX to meet new people and learn new outdoor skills. HTX has allowed me to do exactly that and now that this year is ending, I think its been one of my best! I love all the people I've gotten to meet and enjoyed all the opportunities for fun, new experiences thanks to this group!

Her favorite outdoor place: Pretty much anywhere with a view! Recently had my mimd blown by the scenery in Iceland. Just beautful!

Kalli’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: More mud runs, maybe some gun range events?, and the New Zealand trip! Plus some hikes and maybe a DIY camping trip.


Emily Innes

Events she leads: Hikes, Tennis, Socials

About Emily: I moved to Houston for grad-school and ended up sticking around. I love doing all kinds of outdoor activities - hiking, camping, kayaking, etc. If my dog, Winter, can tag along it is always a plus.

Her HTXO experience: I joined HTXO on a whim with a desire to find more outdoor activities around Texas. The group has been a great opportunity to meet amazing people from all walks of life. HTXO has been a breath of fresh air in my life and allowed me to find the outdoors while living in the city.

Her favorite outdoor place: Colorado - I fell in love with CO last year on an HTXO trip!

Emily’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Incorporating some SCUBA diving activities to the calendar. Maybe a trip to Florida for some relaxed reef dives and snorkeling in the summer.


Bridget Nurding

Events she leads: Hiking, roller skating, beach days, salsa lessons, anything with water.

About Bridget: I am originally from Oregon and have lived in Texas for 5 years. I love anything water related.

Her HTXO experience: I love HTX! It’s great to finally have friends with similar interests willing to try new things.

Her favorite outdoor place: The beach. Any beach! Even Galveston water

Bridget’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Beach yoga


Kayla Forsythe

Events she leads: Archery, hiking, mountain biking, trail running, and I like to set up Intro and Beginner events so we can all try new things.

About Kayla: I moved to Houston from Philadelphia in 2017 with my husband, Kevin. I love being outside, especially if it's sunny and even if it's super hot. I'd rather get a little sweaty than feel trapped inside! I love trying new things and have quite a long list of things I want to learn and do.

Her HTXO experience: When we first moved to Houston, we didn't know a lot of people and we didn't really know what there was to do here. HTXoutdoors changed all of that for us! I now have many friends that I've met through HTXO that I regularly see even outside of events. I've tried so many new things I may not have otherwise tried. I've learned so many places to go that I maybe never would have found on my own. I have finally found my tribe!

Her favorite outdoor place: Haleiwa, Hawaii - Love it from the surfing to the hiking!

Kayla’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Archery, hiking, mountain biking, trail running


Meredith Jones

Events she leads: Hiking and Camping

About Meredith: I have lived in Texas my whole life and have always been an outdoorsy person. I have been going camping ever since I could remember. I really enjoy it and going hiking.

Her HTXO experience: As I said before, I am an outdoorsy person, but it had been hard to get myself to go out and do things recently. I was in a rut. I made myself sign up for HTXO and I'm so glad I did. The experiences and friendships made are unforgettable.

Her favorite outdoor place: New Zealand. It was the most beautiful place I have ever been and plan to move there some day.

Meredith’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Some more hiking and camping


Leo Panaev

Events he leads: Yoga, movie nights, live music

About Leo: Moved to Houston in 2016 and HTXoutdoors was the place I met the friends I still have today!

His HTXO experience: Can't say enough good things about the group! Fun events, everything is organized for you so you don't have to worry about it! Great place to make new friends!

His favorite outdoor place: National Parks in Utah and Arizona, upstate New York, Colorado

Leo’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Yoga, movie nights, live music


Natacha Garcia

Events she leads: Music, Skating/(you can bike), photography and a few random events here and there.

About Natacha: I'm pretty quite but can easily talk your ear off about skating or my crazy cat. I like to volunteer for a bunch of random events throughout town. And unlike many of the event leader, I'm not a camper.

Her HTXO experience: HTXO is a great place to meet and experience life with like minded people.

Her favorite outdoor place: Miller Outdoor Theater

Natacha’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Small venue local band shows

Jonathan Sims

Jonathan Sims

Events he leads: Climbing, Kayaking, Service Work, Skiing, Backpacking

About Jonathan: Thanks to my father, I've enjoyed the outdoors for my entire life! But I really started making it part of my lifestyle once I started working at Philmont Scout Ranch in the summer of 2011. Ever since then I've been rambling around Texas and the South West seeing what I can see! I'm glad to be back in my hometown of Houston meeting new outdoorsy people!

His HTXO experience: I was born in this city, but sometimes when I'm here I get caught up in the traffic and concrete and lose my inspiration to get outside and move! Being an event leader for HTXOutdoors is my way of combating that. I have enjoyed both leading events (especially at the rock gym!) and trying new things with HTXO! Here's to many more great adventures!

His favorite outdoor place: Philmont Scout Ranch; Iguazu Falls, Brazil; Taos, New Mexico

Jonathan’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Ski trip, outdoor rock climbing trip, float trip (ie multi night raft/kayak camping).


Stephanie Jonson

Events she leads: Indoor Rock Climbing, Skiing/Snowboarding

About Stephanie: I'm a transplant from the Northeast. And as most people would say, I'm here because of where I work. I work odd hours, so if my climbing events aren't officially on the calendar, there's a chance I'm still there even if its only for yoga! I love the outdoors (yes, I know we live in Houston), but whats really great about this city is the food scene.

Her HTXO experience: I wanted to learn more about this city from people who enjoyed going on adventures. Seemed pretty hard knowing the ins and outs when you didn't know anyone. You really get to discover not only Houston, but Texas and maybe even some other states/cities/countries. There's always something happening, and there seems to always be someone willing to go with you in this group!

Her favorite outdoor place: Locally, the Arboretum

Stephanie’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: 14er in Colorado

Paula R

Paula Rodriguez

Events she leads: Food/Social and urban bike rides - Random & Seasonal

About Paula: Born and raised Colombian. Houstonian since 2014. Love to get together for some food and drinks. If you want to win at charades, be on my team (ahem!).

Her HTXO experience: HTXO opened my eyes to the beautiful state and city I live in, and did so by allowing me to meet great people on the way! Camping is a new found love of mine, and a significant part of this love is thanks to HTXO! I know sometimes is hard to find time to do exciting things when we are trapped on a daily rut, but whit HTXO you get to feed the playful side of you even on a Wednesday evening, there is always something to do!

Her favorite outdoor place: Houston: Miller Outdoor Theater. TX - Lost Maples SP. World - Any mountain!

Paula’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Picnic across the city, exploring all the parks possible. Brewery tours, perhaps visiting one brewery every month as a social event. A weekly or bi/weekly bootcamp/workout session, some physical activity for those who desire to get fit.

Sebastian Guerrero

Sebastian Guerrero

Events he leads: Bike rides, Picnics, Board games

About Sebastian: I'm from Colombia I'm somewhat of an introvert, but still tons of fun to be around 🙂 Beer is my favorite beverage Don't really know how to swim.

His HTXO experience: Awesome. Have had the chance to meet new people and learn so much about what to do in Houston for fun.

His favorite outdoor place: In Houston, probably the Terry Hershey Park

Sebastian’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: HTXO Favourite Taco, a Taco tour once or twice a month, scoring the different tacos we eat, trying to come up with the HTXO favourite taco. It can be done with burgers, hot dogs, etc.

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Sergio Garcia

Events he leads: Dance, photography, travel, camping

About Sergio: I am from Mexico City but I moved to Houston about 11 years ago. One of my main hobbies is taking photos of the nightsky while being outdoors, and that has lead me to go camping/backpacking more often.

His HTXO experience: In the years I've been member of HTXO I've gone out and tried multiple activities I had always been curious about but never really tried by myself; and now I can help others try to find out things they might enjoy themselves by sharing the activities I enjoy.

His favorite outdoor place: So far Big Bend is one of my favorites, but I love every National Park in the US

Sergio’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Norway Trip


Mahnaz Ghodsi

Events she leads: Running, Backpacking

About Mahnaz: I find my peace when I'm out in the nature.

Her HTXO experience: HTX gives me the opportunity to do what I want no matter how crazy or hard it sounds!

Her favorite outdoor place: National parks.

Mahnaz’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Patagonia backpacking Trip


Jesus Cervantes

Events he leads: The events that I lead are usually Biking, Hiking, walking, or something outside.

About Jesus: I am a Houston native, I lived here almost all my life and was only away for 4 years when I went to school at A&M. Yes I am an Aggie, haha, Gig em'. Currently living near Memorial park and enjoy the access to stuff that I have now since I'm closer to the city. Someplace I can ride my bike now.

His HTXO experience: I love the people and the friends I have made in the group. It amazing group of people from different backgrounds who have a shared passion for the outdoors.

His favorite outdoor place: My favorite destination so far is the State of Colorado. I first went there 3 years ago and have gone back every year since. There is some much outdoor stuff to do and explore. The national parks and public lands in that state are beautiful.

Jesus’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Day trip to Hill Country, Visiting the museums here, cultural events, etc. Visit Banff Canada with this group, Travel to Utah, visit the Pacific Northwest, and then go aboard which is maybe is Iceland first.


Victoria Wagner

Events she leads: I like to lead outdoor walks and hikes as well as make an event if I'm planning on trying some outdoor group fitness like Zumba or yoga. I also am a fan of meditation and sometimes have events to teach others about the practice.

About Victoria: I'm from North Carolina and moved to Houston for school and work in 2014. I love solo traveling with my shoes and my backpack more than anything in the world!

Her HTXO experience: I get to be active while having fun and it made it easier to find people in the city that I have things in common with 🙂

Her favorite outdoor place: I love the national park system and visiting one always feels like a dream come true. In my opinion, they live up to their nickname of "America's Best Idea"

Victoria’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: A roadtrip from Grand Teton and Yellowstone to the Badlands in South Dakota.

Abbigail Ullrich

Abbigail Ullrich

Events she leads: live-music or sports events

About Abbigail: I am from this area and have lived in the area most of my life with the exception of a little over a year in New York City. I love being outside and exploring new places and cultures.

Her HTXO experience: I enjoy meeting new people and getting outside.

Her favorite outdoor place: I have enjoyed many different places for many different reasons and can't pick one. Top 5 I would say: Vancouver, rafting Grand Canyon, Havasupai, Mt Rainier, Costa Rica (not really in any particular order).

Abbi’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: My bucket list is long but top 5 I would say: Croatia & Eastern Europe, Patagonia/Galapagos, Vietnam/Cambodia, South Island NZ, South Africa


Katherine Gilliam

Events she leads: Biking, Buffalo Bayou and Arboretum events

About Katherine: I am a traveloholic who lives in Montrose with my cat Oscar, I love the vibe of my neighborhood, especially evenings on the Buffalo Bayou walking or Biking.

Her HTXO experience: HTXO has been my my absolute favorite thing I’ve done since moving to Houston. I’ve made amazing friends, had tons of fun, and even learned some new stuff.

Her favorite outdoor place: Great Smoky Mountain National Park when I was growing up this was my families go to for hiking, camping, and outdoor activities. Hold amazingly fond memories of my childhood.

Katherine’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Beat the heat Summer events at the Arboretum and Museum of Natural science and a half day bike ride from the Buffalo Bayou to the Heights for brunch and then back.


Sarah Nutt

Events she leads: Water-related events, volleyball

About Sarah: I grew up in Magnolia Tx when it was still countryfied so I enjoy being outdoors. Finally moved to Houston (after swearing up and down I'd never live in a city) back in 2016 and over all, I rather enjoy Houston so far. I'm an open book, so if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask!

Her HTXO experience: I joined in January of 2019 after wanting to get out and about more. A lot of people want to go do things that cost a lot of money, but there is SO MUCH to do that is free (or crazy cheap) so I joined a group that understands you don't need a lot of money to have fun; nature itself is fun enough.

Her favorite outdoor place: The beach, hands down.

Sarah’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Grand Cayman Islands Trip, Kickball, Roller skating, rinks as well (they have adult nights!)


Katherine Gilliam

Events she leads: Biking, Buffalo Bayou and Arboretum events

About Katherine: I am a traveloholic who lives in Montrose with my cat Oscar, I love the vibe of my neighborhood, especially evenings on the Buffalo Bayou walking or Biking.

Her HTXO experience: HTXO has been my my absolute favorite thing I’ve done since moving to Houston. I’ve made amazing friends, had tons of fun, and even learned some new stuff.

Her favorite outdoor place: Great Smoky Mountain National Park when I was growing up this was my families go to for hiking, camping, and outdoor activities. Hold amazingly fond memories of my childhood.

Katherine’s New/Exciting Event Ideas: Beat the heat Summer events at the Arboretum and Museum of Natural science and a half day bike ride from the Buffalo Bayou to the Heights for brunch and then back.