Weekend in the Woods

It’s a party in the woods and you’re invited! Once a year, we reserve a huge amount of camping spots that are easy to get to from Houston. And t…

A Walk in the Woods

Public - Join us for an hour and a half quick-paced hike through some of the lesser-known (and more adventuresome) trails.  

New Member Adventure Kick-off

Join us for a laid-back New Member Party where you can meet others who are just as excited to embark on this adventure as you are.

Full Moon Hike

Public - Join us for an enchanting journey under the full moon's radiant glow and immerse yourself in the captivating lunar landscape. It's a night of…

Discover Hiking in Houston

Public - Exploring Houston's hiking scene is a hidden gem! Uncover trails with intriguing twists, turns, and even some hills within the city. Venture …