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Ever searched for “Houston Outdoor Live”?  What comes up is eating, drinking and sitting down to listen to music.  Nothing wrong with eating, drinking or music, we LOVE all of these.  And, we want to see our Houstonian friends outside digging all this city has to offer.  With 52,912 acres of parkland, 163 miles of biking trails and 2500 miles of waterway there is no shortage of playgrounds.  BCO & HTXO are on a mission this summer to teach our friends everything they need to know to be savvy outdoors.

Wednesdays, starting May 10rd and finishing up June 21st we are bringing Houston Outdoor LIVE to a local locale near you (while broadcasting LIVE on Facebook for those who can’t make the show).  From parks to bayous, bike trails to hiking trails we’re highlighting the Great Outdoors in Houston by uncovering everything there is to do, plus showing how to do it!

Each week we’ll take a topic, drill down as quick & deep as we can to get you up to speed and out playing.  We’ll take Q&A after the presentation to help guide everyone into outdoor summer fun mastery.

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Week 1 - Biking

Houston is where it’s at when you're ready to spin the pedals.   Cruise, commute, mountain bike or road bike, we'll show you where to go and how to get started. Who needs to drive when they can ride?

From the ABC’s of bike maintenance to choosing a bike or where to ride, we’ll have you riding the streets (or the trails) on your bicycle with ease and confidence.

Topics we cover:

  • Bike bag essentials
  • What to wear (it doesn’t have to be spandex)
  • Transporting your bike & not losing it on I-10
  • Airing tires and preventing flats
  • Bike safety and why it’s important
  • Bike handling tips
  • Basic maintenance
  • Where to bike & the best trails
  • B-Cycle & other rentals
  • Buying a used bike
  • Finding your dream bike

Week 2 - Hiking

Whether you enjoy urban hikes or backcountry treks, it’s important to know where you are going, to wear the correct clothing and shoes and have the right supplies for your adventure.  There’s a lot more to hiking than just owning a pair of hiking boots, finding the trailhead or even knowing what a trailhead is…

Week 3 - Camping

Houston may not be known as a camping mecca, but just travel an hour any direction, and you can find yourself sleeping under the stars.  Join us for Camping LIVE where you’ll learn what you need to about camping to make you feel like a pro (or at least an Eagle Scout)!

Week 4 - Stand Up Paddleboarding

With miles of bayous, lakes and the almost flat summer surf of Galveston, we have an unlimited playground to try SUPing. Anyone can do this sport. It is low impact, uses practically every muscle in your body, is great for cross-training and is a ton of fun! While you work on your balance, you’ll work on your core. Plus, you can saunter along the bayous or paddle fast and turn it into a BIG aerobic workout.

Week 5 - Backpacking

Imagine, after a day of hiking through forests, mountains & deserts, you get to relax in a remote campsite using only what you have brought in your backpack. Backpacking is the ultimate way to get outside!

One of the big mistakes of backpacking is over packing.  Learn to keep your pack light enough to carry while still packing everything you need.  We will have a packing demo and weighing-in session to demonstrate live the value of choosing your gear carefully.

Week 6 - Kayaking

Kayaking, it's friends, it's meditation, it's adventure, it is whatever you want it to be.  With miles of bayous, unlimited lakes and sea shores, we live in a kayaking haven.

Week 7 - Summertime Dogs

Is your dog okay when you take him/her for a run at noon in the middle of the Houston summer?

Dogs are more sensitive to heat.  Learn the signs to look for to ensure your dog doesn't get heat stroke this summer.

We'll give you tips, tricks and places to have fun with your dog this summer.

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