You have enough to worry about, We make things simple

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You are busy...  with work, with friends, with catching up on your Netflix! We get it!  You have enough stress during your week.

That’s why we make it simple - just pick an event from our calendar, show up and have fun.  It's that Simple.

Camping, hiking, biking, trail running, yoga, kayaking, SUP, wakeboarding, pub crawling, backpacking, overseas trips and more- we do it all and you’re invited.

HTXoutdoors is full of diverse, active, outdoor people in their 20s-30s. (if you're 40+ click here for our sister club.)

If you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone and hang with a group who’s into more than the typical happy hour or Netflix and chill weekend, then search no further!

Help us help you disconnect from the grind and add a little adventure into your life.

Trail Line

Who is HTXoutdoors?

With over 100 members already, we are a diverse group, looking to meet new people and get outdoors.

Speak More Than 1 Language
In Houston <5 Years
Looking for Something New & Exciting


This is no ChristianMingle or dating service! We don’t care about your Facebook relationship status. However, if you are still looking for your soulmate- given our diversity, there’s a good chance someone in our group is single and ready to mingle!

Some Reasons People Join HTXoutdoors


Tired of the same old bar scene.

Sure we like going out and socializing, but we are looking for more than JUST going to a bar


New To Houston

So many people are moving to Houston. Each time you move, it seems harder and harder to meet people.


Add some play to all that Work

Heard of the term Work Hard, Play Hard?  Do you feel like work is overpowering and you're ready to add a some more FUN?



Trying to get off the couch or break a tired old routine.  Regardless of the reason, there is something for everyone!

What is your Reason?

Tell us what you are looking for and we'll help you get it

So what are the Perks you ask?

  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE FACEBOK GROUP: Become a member of our private community. Share stories, pictures, events, and get access to Outdoor Resources.


  • ACCESS TO ALL HTXOUTDOORS EVENTS: There’s mucho! Check out our calendar here


  • DISCOUNTS AROUND TOWN ON ACTIVITIES: Rock climbing, wakeboarding, fitness classes, pedal parties, etc.; As we grow, so does our list. 


  • FREE GEAR RENTALS: You want it - we’ve got it: tents, backpacks, SUP boards, kayaks, rock-climbing harnesses, etc.


  • MEMBERSHIP TO ALL OUR SISTER COMPANIES AND THEIR EVENTS: Bayou City Outdoors, San Antonio Outdoors and Hill Country Outdoors

Interested Yet?

There is NO Risk -  An All Reward Group.

In other words, we’re not complicated. Check us out before you ever sign up.  Pick an event below and see first hand what we are all about!

Give back to the Community & Environment

Sure, you can do this without HTXoutdoors, but it's more fun when you do it with a group!  Help plant trees around Houston, clean the trails and bayou, and learn about conservation of the Galveston Bay! We help you stay connected with the community and participate in events to help preserve the environment.

Plus, we leave no trace when we're backpacking, hiking, camping, kayaking or doing anything outdoors. We believe in leaving the trails in better condition than when we got there and educating the community about how they can help support local, state & national parks.

Members can Borrow Gear for Free

Dutch Oven
hammock tent

Trying new activities can get expensive if you have buy or rent equipment each time. Renting a Kayak can cost up to $50 a day or $15/hour for a SUP.  Members of HTXoutdoors borrow gear for FREE.

Try Us Risk Free!

Risk Free

Try as many events as you want in 30 days

If you don't think you're getting your money's worth, we'll give you a full refund.

No ifs ands or buts about it!

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

We know once you go to an event, you'll be hooked!

You like us, you really really like us!  So, here's what you do next.

Get on the waitlist and be the first to know when we reopen.  Plus, the waitlist gets cool free stuff while you're waiting. Where to go around Houston, checklists, trail maps, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my member data secure?

We understand the need for privacy.  HTXoutdoors will never divulge information about its members to anyone. Your member profile gives you the option to display your personal information to other members of the club only if you choose to do so.  Here is a link to our privacy policy.

Is my credit information secure?

We use Swipe to process our online transactions.  Swipe protects your credit card and other confidential information with industry-leading SSL encryption.  Your credit card number and information is never made available, even to the management of the club.

How do I sign up for an event?

A member can click the event you'd like to attend from the Monthly Calendar. On the Event page, select Member Registration to RSVP for the event.  Once you've submitted your RSVP, you're all set to show up for the event!

It is important that you RSVP for an event, as this allows the leader to know to look for you and have a head count for any table reservations, tickets, etc.

What if I'm unable to attend an event for which I've RSVP'd?

Each event has a button to cancel your RSVP. Enter your name and email and hit submit. Please allow 24 hours for your name to be removed from the event.

If the event is withing 24 hours, please contact the event leader directly. The Event Leaders greatly appreciate having the correct headcount!  We thank you in advance

Can I get a refund on my membership dues?

We're so sure you'll love being a part of our membership that we offer a full, money-back guarantee within 30 days of signing up for your membership.

Can I get a refund if I cancel for a pre-paid event?

Unless otherwise noted in the Event Payment Details, as a general rule, refunds may be obtained provided that cancellations are received at least 72 hours prior to the Event.

However, refunds for events are not guaranteed. Refunds depend upon the policies of 3rd party vendors and other factors.  By registering for an event, you understand that you may not receive a full refund should you need to withdraw.

All cancellation and refund requests should be emailed to or by calling 210-504-8333.

Can I bring my kids or pets to an event?

That depends on the specific event. Not every event is kid or pet friendly.  In the description of each event will be icons telling you whether kids or pets are welcome to attend.

What do my dues cover?

Your HTXoutdoors dues get you access to the HTXoutdoors interactive website featuring the Events Calendar. Only members have the ability to see the full details of every event including times, places, maps, directions and contact information.  Most events are for members and their guest only.

Your dues help to cover the administrative costs of planning and executing the events on the Events Calendar.  We do the planning and organizing and even get you exclusive discounts for you. You just show up and have fun!

Are the events free?

Most events are free but it depends on the event. However, they are relatively small for instance some events may require the purchase of tickets or incur some travel costs.  Each event listing will clearly state if it is free or not, and if not, what the anticipated costs will be.  We always strive to get group discounts for our members.

Can I bring a guest to a member event

Guests are usually welcome at events. In the description of each event will be an icon telling you whether guests are welcome to attend.

We do enforce a couple of guidelines in the interest of fairness to all members.  Members will take priority over guests at events where space is limited.  Members bringing guest to an event are responsible for that guest's behavior and any damage that they may cause.

How can I become an Event Leader?

Event Leaders are long-term members who post and lead their own events and activities.  Event leaders are not paid or employed by HTXoutdoors, rather they volunteer their time.

Event Leaders must meet the following requirements:

  • Been an active member for at least 1 year.
  • To receive a complimentary membership, must lead at least 2 events/activities per month.
  • Be able to meet once per month to plan new events and activities.
  • Be friendly, courteous and respectful to all event attendees.
  • Be responsive and responsible!
  • Likes to have fun and meet new people!
  • Event Leaders may also be selected to be a part of the Buddy Program to help new members feel welcomed

If you are interested in becoming an Event Leader and you meet the minimum requirements listed above, please email

We are open! But not for long