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Amy Hope

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SneakPeak into 2023:

Some events are on the calendar already and some are in the works!  

Lake Tahoe - kayaking, hiking and more! It's a great escape out west!

Costa Rica - all inclusive adventure package for the biggest thrill of the year... plus some built in down time.

Smokey Mountains - Plenty of hiking, kayaking, star gazing... and anything else you might want to do.  

Big Bend Camping plus optional River Kayaking - We're going during a meteor shower and new moon!!  This is already on the calendar and will fill up!

Machu Picchu - hike the Inca Trail!  Best trip I've done to date.

Switzerland - Best cities and hiking - this trip is full but we're planning a 2nd trip!!

Plus SUP, kayaking, climbing, dancing, socials and more!