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We open for new members from May 30th to Jun 7th and Midnight.  Until then, please join us at our public events.

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Why do we only open membership for a few days, a few times a year?

#1 - the main reason is because we have found that you'll get the most out of your membership when you join with other people.  It can be hard to start something new when you don't know anyone.  But when you know there is a whole group of people in the same exact shoes as you, it makes it a little bit easier.

That's why one of the bonuses of joining is a New Member Party! 

#2 - We like to make we have enough events on the calendar for the number of members and vice versa.  No one wants to pay for a membership just to sit on a wait list to actually go to something. And we don't want to spread you too thin. After all, meeting new people with similar interests is one of the reasons you're here. 

#3 - We want to make everyone happy! Especially our members.  By limiting the times when people can join, that allows us to focus our full attention on members and ensure new members are setup for success!

Find where to go in Houston...

  • How to find more than just another good restaurant
  • How to find some nature in the middle of this big city...
  • Find new activities around Houston that keep your weekend filled with fun and adventure
  • Break out of your routine and fill your weekend with excitement with a calendar full of activities {30+ events per month!}

Even if you are new to Houston or don't know where to go.

Get active outdoors in Houston...

  • Discover our favorite places to go hiking around Houston
  • Go camping with full Dutch Oven Cooking or the beans and franks way.  Plus backpacking!
  • Learn new activities with our 101 training series
  • Borrow equipment and try new actvities such as camping, stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and more.
  • Get discounts around Houston that makes it easier to get active in Houston

Even if you have never tried these activities before and don't know what you're doing.

Find new friends with similar interests...

  • Meet people who are also looking to explore Houston
  • Find people who go outside any month of year
  • Meet people organically and without awkward intros because you already have common interests

Even if you are by yourself or don't have any friends who have similar interests.

All of this and more is easy when you're a member of HTXoutdoors!