5 Weeks Mobile

For the last 5 weeks I've felt so free!!  There is a ton of flexibility park hosting, especially the parks I've worked.  At the same time, I LOVE having my schedule completely to myself.  That's the main reason I left corporate in the first place.

When I first moved into the RV, I was working full time at corporate, starting park hosting and running both clubs.  VERY shortly after, we're talking days... I left the corporate job.  I thought that was enough.

For the past 5 weeks, I've only had myself to answer to.  I started regular training with Tucker.  Focused on organizing RV.  I can't really explain it, but there is a such a big sense of relief!  I'm getting better at everything... including writing weekly!  😀  YAY!

Starting the Journey:

From June - Oct, I have and will be moving from park to park every 1 to 2 weeks.  For now, I’m staying in Texas and mostly within 1-3 hours of Houston so I can lead events easily.  I’m excited about this part because as a park host, I was only moving about every 3 months.

It was nice to be set up in 1 spot for 3 months.  I set up a table, Calm screened in shelter, hammock, and pulled a lot of stuff out the back of my truck so I wasn’t driving around with it.  Setup and take down each took an entire day.  Plus, I had to put away everything inside the trail so the counters were clear.  Because I wasn’t moving a lot in the beginning, I learned I didn't do a good job organizing in a way that made this an easy task. 🙂

That’s why I’m excited about moving more frequently.  With moving every 1 -2 weeks, I’m sure I’ll just get annoyed moving certain things so better organization will be more clear.

SIDE NOTE:  As I write this post, so many spiders keep jumping on me! Haha  Usually I see them but for some reason today they keep jumping on me.  Luckily, no one has bit me yet so we’re still friends.  Okay, back on topic.

I’ve been doing really well on moving days.  It’s been 5 weeks since my last park host position and I’ve moved the RV 4 times.  Each time gets easier and less stressful.  I’ve been keeping track of timing.  Noting when I have a “bigger mess” to store.

During the last 5 weeks, I’ve been experimenting.  What do I want to unpack for a 1 week stay versus a 2 week stay.  What’s really worth the effort?

I think the answer will depend on seasons and where I have a spot.  Yesterday I arrived at Huntsville State Park.  I have such a big campsite and there are LOTS of trees.  I have a lake front view with amazing sunsets.  At other parks I had partial shade and the afternoon/evening sun came blaring into my main windows.  It has been so hot, the air cannot keep up.

They say the RV air units can really only reduce the temp 20 degrees.  So all of those 105 or more days, have been really rough.  Especially when the sun is hitting you directly in the afternoon, evening.

So my advice is look for spots with morning sun!  In the summer anyway.  😀

Park Preferences:

During this journey, I’ve invited members of BCO & HTXO to join me.  They can camp at my spot in the various parks I’m visiting.  Yesterday, I arrived at Huntsville State Park.  Before that, I was at an RV park in Conroe.  It had great amenities.  Lake access, a pool, game room, tennis courts, dog park, basketball, sand volleyball… even pickleball!

I had several people visit me and they LOVED it!  To me, it was crowded.  It was hot.  There wasn’t a lot of trees.  I got lucky to get a partial shady spot so I was content.  But there are so many sites at that location that would have been miserable bc they were full sun in 105 degrees.  To me, amenities can’t make up for that.

Now, I’m at Huntsville State Park and I all of sudden feel at ease again.  I can’t hear neighbors (who live there full time) arguing in the night.  I have a very large spot, plenty of trees and lake view.

So, I guess it really is to each their own.  Yes, in Conroe I was closer to a lot of things.  That, for sure, what nice.  It’s also nice to have people who are regulars.  When you live full time, it’s nice to know you’ll see someone again.

But now, I’m going to enjoy my solitude… at least till the weekend when the park will fill up.


In the end, I think I just need a combination of these 2 things.  I wouldn’t want to be at the Conroe park for 3 months.  So maybe… this 2 weeks, 1 week cycle is going to work perfectly!  Only time will tell.  😀

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