Everyone wants to visit an undiscovered region before it becomes a hotbed of tourism. Trek the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) at Teyuna, and have that wish come true. Get firsthand knowledge of the area’s unique culture with an Indigenous guide and an English-speaking CEO accompanying you the entire way. Together, trek through lush jungles and across streams before stopping at an Indigenous village for a G Adventures for Good-supported community lunch. Arrive at Teyuna and explore the uncrowded ruins at leisure, marvelling at what would have been here in years gone by. Say you got here first and had the Lost City all to yourself.

Enjoy 9 breathtaking days hiking the iconic Swiss Alps and soaking in Swiss culture! Explore medieval cities like Berne. Savor picturesque villages like Thun and Zermatt nestled under the majestic Matterhorn. Visit the beautiful cities of Luzern, Grindelwald, and Zurich. Hike through Alpine pastures of the Berner Oberlands. Enjoy the quaint villages of Lauterbrunnen Valley. Trek through the Alps while gazing upon famous peaks like Eiger, Monch, and Jungrau.
Our itinerary alternates high-energy hiking days with relaxed sightseeing days.

We have a house reserved for the summer! Let’s escape the Houston heat and relax next to the river. We can drive up stream, and float back to the house!

Travel through Russia by train and marvel at Moscow’s Kremlin, immerse yourself in bucolic Suzdal. Watch the countryside glide by from your Trans-Siberian train compartment, meet the locals at Lake Baikal, discover Buryat cuisine and history in Ulan Ude, travel west to east across this massive country.

Davis Mountains Fitness & Training Camp in West Texas is a week of laid back or endurance activities…its your choice. There are 3 levels of supported events each day. Bike, swim, run, hike and more! Come to the Davis Mountains Fitness & Training Camp in West Texas for an energizing week full of activities and programs designed for the serious athlete, the weekend warrior or the eager novice.