Indoor Rock Climbing

Just because it’s hot or cold or raining outside, doesn’t mean you can’t be active!  And the indoor climbing gym is a perfect way to build muscle while skipping whatever is happening outside.

PLUS!  You no longer need a partner to go to a climbing gym.


Momentum Silver Street is all bouldering, no ropes.  Don’t worry, you don’t go very high. And Momentum in Katy has self-belaying devices so you can climb without a partner!

HTXoutdoors & Momentum:

Let’s face it.  It’s still more fun to do things with people sometimes. 😀  HTXoutdoors goes to Momentum several times a month. Everyone is really friendly and will help you learn how to belay and improve your climbing.  Many members started off as beginners and now they climb regularly. 

Join HTXoutdoors:

If you're looking for a fun group of people to climb with, you're in the right place!  Become a member of HTXoutdoors and climb with us.

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