Kayaking in San Marcos

Last year, I headed up to San Marcos to kayak Rio Vista with a few Bayou City Outdoors (BCO) friends.  BCO & HTXoutdoors supplied all of the kayaks and gear needed for the day…even transported everything to the river from Houston!

On the water, we warmed up and stretched by paddling around above the falls.  Kelly scouted both drops and we decided to run the river left drop first.  One at a time, we each ran the falls.  This dam has 3 separate drops; the first is the largest and the third is the smallest.  We hung out on the second drop most of the day, practicing ferrying across the river, eddying out and surfing.  Towards the end of the day, I decided to get some roll practice in.  So I went to the bottom of the 3rd drop where the water is calmer and I could take my time.  I successfully rolled about 4 or 5 times!  Granted, I rolled on the calm part of the water, not the rapid but it was my first unsupervised roll!  (Well, kind of…Kelly was watching from afar :))

After a day on the water, we had warm smoked pork, veggies and potatoes.  And, of course, a nice cold brewsky. 🙂  Delicious!  Black Friday, a perfect day for kayaking in San Marcos.

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