Ologies Podcast

Did you know that pumpkins are not vegetables?  They are berries!  A moose is a deer. Bats aren’t blind.  Leaves are red, orange and/or yellow underneath the green!  Crows have funerals.  And dogs can talk… well, kind of. 🙂

I was recently introduced to this amazing podcast called Ologies. (Thanks Kayla!!)  And since I love nature and being outside, most of the episodes are really interesting to me.  It’s about the study of… pretty much anything you can think of, and the podcast interviews an expert in each field.  Each episode is dedicated to a different topic.

For example:

So what do you think Sparklebuttology means? 

... Wait for it...

... Wait for it...

... Wait for it...

That’s right!  Fireflies. 😀  It’s time to have some fun people.  (okay, it's really Lampyridology but podcaster Alie Ward and her guests like to have fun!  And what is more fun than Sparklebuttology!  🙂 )

Don’t worry if you’re not a science person.  While most people interviewed are scientists, they break down the information and put it in a fun format.  (Warning, not really kid friendly due to some adult language.)

Here are my favorite episodes in no particular order:

Drendrology... trees (they provide everything we need in life; air, shade, shelter, food, broken bones.... what's not to love!)

Melittology... bees (Since park hosting at Lake Livingston State Park with the live bee hive, I'm obsessed with bees!)

Speech Pathology...  talking dogs & people (yes, I bought some buttons to try with Tucker!)

Learning about all of these Ologies makes me really think back on what I could have done.  But more than that, it opens up so much possibility about what I can do in the future.

Ologies gets me even more excited to be outside and submerged in the outdoors because I better understand what I'm seeing and I can appreciated it a lot more.  Crows, for example.  They are easy to classify in the "annoying" bucket.  Especially if they are out early when you're camping.  But if you listen to the crow funeral episode, you might just start looking at crows differently.

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