Our favorite spots in Houston

Whether you’re new to Houston or still trying to figure out what Houston has to offer, we’re here to share a few of our favorite places to get you started.

#3 – Providence Heights Bar:

Yes, it’s a place for happy hour.  But they also have a ping pong table inside, with space to actually play!  And tons of video game consoles and board games!  With the Houston Heat coming…we will frequent this location.

Our favorites! (2)

#2 – Sideout Volleybar:

Just as the name says… volley + bar.  3 sand volleyball courts. Reserve them or go for open play.  And it’s still a cool place to go even WITHOUT playing volleyball.  They have a large wrap around, COVERED patio, closed off dog run, corn hole, ping pong, a food truck and a full bar!  I mean… what else do you need?  Music?  They are right behind White Oak Music hall… so on occasion, you get a little live music in the background.  (Not enough to skip the show you wanted to see though. It’s kind of faint.)

Our favorites! (3)

#1 – Hangar 9 Wake park:

We don’t need no stinken’ boat, and neither do you!  Hangar 9 Wake Park is a cable wake boarding park up in Conroe. I know. You have to drive for this one.  But it’s totally worth it. The staff there is great at helping new riders.  And it’s a great place to cool off in the Houston heat!

Our favorites! (4)

There are just 3 of our favs.  We have lots more places around Houston we are going to share.  So many, we’re doing a webinar just on our favorite places around Houston!

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HTXO Favorites for people “new” to Houston

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