Types of Camping

Jeep camping-min

Car Camping

No, you don't sleep in your car... but you could!   Car camping is when you drive right up to the camp site.  You typically don't have to walk more very far, but the parking spot distances vary by site & park.  It's best to call the parks to see exactly how far parking is from your camp spot.  The most we've walked for car camping is about 1

With car camping, you don’t need to worry about how much your equipment weighs.  This is important because lighter equipment tends to be more expensive. You can bring as much stuff with you as your car can hold…and then some probably.  You pack a cooler of food, charcoal or propane for grilling, maybe an air mattress or cot. In addition to your tent, you might set up a hammock and holding chair.

Primitive Camping / Backpacking

Primitive camping means there are little to no facilities. Usually no toilets, no showers, no water.  Some primitive spots you can drive to but most of them require that you carry your stuff for various lengths of times.  It could be a 1 mile, it could be 3, it could be more!  You want to call the park and ask about the distance from the parking lots to the first available spot to set up camp.

With primitive camping and backpacking, what you bring comes down to how much does it weigh and how much are you willing to carry.

First, you lay out everything you want to have on your trip.  Then you see if it fits into your pack. If it fits into your pack, you get on the scale and see if the weight is something you are able and willing to carry.  From there, you start to pare down.  Do I really need this battery pack?  Am I going to read once I set up camp?  Every decision becomes is the weight worth carrying.

Looking for more information?

Watch this video on Camping & Backpacking 101. In the video:

  • You get more details about camping & backpacking 101
  • We also talk about what to expect from an HTXoutdoors Dutch Oven camping trip
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