Hiking with Dogs 101 – Part 1

Have you wanted to hike with your dog but you’re worried about… pulling, other dogs, squirrel! etc?  

Have you wanted to hike with your dog but you’re worried about… pulling, other dogs, squirrel! etc?

Member Only Information:

IMPORTANT:  When you arrive, do not approach other dogs with your dog. I will have cones out. Please keep your distance using the cones as a guide.

Please read the entire event description carefully as there is a lot of important information to stay safe.

During this session, we’re going to discuss:

  • Safety
  • Etiquette
  • How to prevent pulling

What to bring:

  • Dog (optional) If you want to come and get information first, that’s great!
    • NOTE:  Do NOT bring your dog if:
      • Your dog is reactive in any way.  Dog reactive, leash reactive, food reactive, etc.
      • You have no control over handling your dog such as the ability to remove your dog from particular situations.
      • If any of these apply, we can setup a private training.
  • Leash – one long enough to tie your dog to a tree if needed.  No retractables
  • Poop bags
  • Water for you and your dog
  • Treats – Regular dog food in 1 bag and high reward treats in another.  High reward treats is something like bacon, chicken, hot dogs, cheese… what ever your dog really likes and gets on special occasions.
    • NOTE:  Do not feed your dog in morning if your dog is food motivated.  You can give a little bit if you’re worried about car sickness.
  • Toys – What really motivates your dog?  Tug, fetch, pets, carrying something?  If you’re not sure, bring a few different toys and we’ll figure it out.
  • A chair for you
  • A crate (Optional) – Crates always make a safer environment.  If your dog is over stimulated, we will ask you to remove your dog from the group.  If this happens, we can always schedule a private training.

Class Structure:

This event will be a combination of talking and practicing a few exercises.  Education is the first step.  Then you have to continue to apply it at home for it to stick.  So we will mainly be in 1 area and not actually going on a hike for this first class.

After the class:

We have a separate hike scheduled after this event to actually hike.  You can choose to go on that hike just know that in the beginning, you might hike a lot slower than normal especially if you’re working on pulling.  You might want to opt to do your own hike to practice or relax in the park and then meet up with the rest of the group afterwards.

Fees: Day Pass is Required to get into the Park:

Please reserve a day pass for $7.00 (free with TX state park pass) online with Huntsville State Park.  Also, RSVP below so we know to expect you.  The dog training is free for members.

Where to Meet:

Park in the parking lot for the boat ramp.  Drive to shelter spot #1.   Not sure how much space there is so please plan to walk from a near by parking location.

Event Date & Time:

  • Date: October 30, 2021
    Time: Members Only
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