HTXO Full Moon Hike

Public – Shhh… it’s a secret trail. And we’re doing it at night, during the full moon!

Shhh… it’s a secret trail. And we’re doing it at night, during the full moon!


At its sight, this primal side of you might take over. Ever heard of the lunar lunacy effect or the Transylvania effect? While I am happy to report that no one has transformed at HTXoutdoors on a full moon hike…YET, but we do believe in celebrating its beauty with a nice hike.


About the Trail:  

We are hiking on an actual trail with hills!  Yes, right here in Houston!  This is not a pathed path which makes it interesting when you hike back at night, in the dark!


What to bring:  

- Headlamp or light source (the trees get thick so you’ll need it). Flashlight, headlamp, phone light.  It will be dark by the end of the hike. Bring a source of light.

- Water is required! Stay hydrated… it’s easy to forget to drink when it’s not that hot out.

- Bug Spray

- Wear long pants

- Wear sturdy shoes that are okay to get to muddy


After the hike, we’ll pick a place and grab something to eat so bring some money!



This Event is free for BCO & HTXO members and member guests and $5 for Non-members.


Dogs-Friend for friendly dogs
If the temperature is less than 80 degrees, you can bring your dog. You must bring water and poop bags for your dog.


Adults only. No kids
We have other events that are appropriate for kids.


What happens if it is raining out
We do not cancel before the day of the event and then we only cancel if it’s dangerous.
If it is raining a little, we will still go but we will alter the route. Hiking on wet trails cause erosion and is expensive to fix.  Trails are closed after heavy rains. We will follow the rules for open/closed trails.

Leave No Trace
Please throw away any bottles or trash you have.  Bring a shopping bag and pick-up some trash during the hike.

Event Date & Time:

  • Date: December 11, 2019
    Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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N Picnic Lane, Houston, Texas, 77007, United States

Event Leader

  • Amy Hope
    Amy Hope
    Phone: 210-504-8333
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  • Jesus CervantesJesus
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