Houston Greenways

“150 miles of trails. 3,000 acres of green space. A $220 million public-private partnership. One shared vision for parks that brings us closer to each other and creates equitable access for all.” from HoustonParksBoard.org

 A great way to get started walking or biking is to get on one of the bayou trails.  These are patched trails along the bayou that get you off the busy Houston streets and in a safe place to get some exercise. 

If you haven’t exercised in a while or you’re just starting out, it’s perfect! It is not too crowded, no cars and you have enough nature around you so you can disconnect from your day.  

And since there are 150 miles of trails, you can train for any length of trip that you have coming up. 

Pro tip:  A great way to train for hikes with elevation changes is to run stairs!  Most of the paths have a staircase at some point, so you can build extra muscle by running a few laps on the stairs.  It’s much better than a Stairmaster…. In our opinion.

HTXoutdoors & Greenways

We often host urban hikes and casual bike rides along the greenways. And on special occasions, we’ll go check out the bats or host hiking zen.  Hiking zen is where we hike along the bayou and then pick a green space outside to finish with Yoga. And in the summertime, we get FREE hot yoga without having to pay for a venue to heat it up! 😀

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