Houston’s Newest Outdoor Adventure Club


Have you ever asked yourself, “Where is the hiking in Houston? “ Or said, “Houston’s main draw is restaurants, there is nothing to do outdoors here.”  I used to think the same thing.

I moved to Houston after traveling a lot for work & working crazy long hours.  I was ready for some work life balance.

It took me about a year before I found a company called Bayou City Outdoors.  It took me about another year before I went to my first event & I’m so happy I finally made that decision.  With Bayou City Outdoors I learned about Dragon Boat Racing and got reconnected to the outdoors by kayaking, hiking, camping & climbing.

But something was missing.  While I love my BCO friends, I was looking for people in my age range (20’s & 30’s) who also want to do outdoor activities.  My coworkers who were in my age range had happy hours covered but not many of them wanted to do outdoor activities.

photo by Naixa Isabel Aguirre Gonzalez
photo by Naixa Isabel Aguirre Gonzalez

In a city where the average age is 32* and the 6th largest city in the US for millennial growth**, I thought I was bound to find something.  But I didn’t.

So I decided to work with Bayou City Outdoors and create a partner company, HTXoutdoors, for Houstonians (new, native and somewhere in between) in their 20’s & 30’s.

HTXoutdoors brings you outdoor adventure via hiking, biking, camping, climbing, tubing, lake houses, road trips, international travel & more. We know young professionals have a limited amount of time and vacation, so we help you get the most out of life and put the balance in work life balance.

Plus, you can borrow gear from HTXoutdoors for free! No more investing in expensive equipment just to use it once, or paying too much for a day rental. Borrow for free from HTXoutdoors or take advantage of discounts from our partners and let’s be adventurous.

See more benefits here.


To see what we are all about, join us at our HTXoutdoors Grand Opening Party and see what it’s all about.  Meet our members and find others who have been asking the same questions as you.  Meet others who are looking for outdoor adventure, who work hard and play hard, and who are looking for more than just another happy hour with coworkers. RSVP Here.

We’ll have gear, games, raffles and friends!  RSVP Here.  Today is your day to make it happen.  See you there.


* http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/Demographics/Infographics/HWC_2015-Demographics.html

** http://www.forbes.com/pictures/edgl45ghjk/no-6-houston-tx/#3389bef25682

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