What to expect camping with HTXoutdoors

Ever wonder what it’s like to camp with HTXoutdoors? We’re laying it all out for you below with deets on our camping style and a summary of last year’s trip to Pace Bend.


Camping at Pace Bend

In 2018, about 20 members of HTXoutdoors traveled to Pace Bend Park, just north of Austin for a weekend camping trip.  Organized carpools left Houston at various times on Friday, including some who left early for a pit stop at Hamilton Pool!

We camped in one of the park’s primitive campsites along the Colorado River. “Primitive” at Pace Bend Park = car camping, no showers, and compost toilets. But you can drive right up to your camping spot.


The layout of the campsite was perfect for some beautiful views.

Hamilton Pool
Hamilton Pool
Pace Bend photo by Sergio Garcia
Pace Bend Hammock photo by Ryan Jarreau
Pace Bend Hammock photo by Ryan Jarreau

For this trip,  HTXoutdoors “brought the kitchen”, so we ate like kings and queens! Dutch oven cooking is an HTXoutdoors specialty.  The menu on this trip included chili, chicken, steak, mashed potatoes and even hot breakfast with eggs, bacon & potatoes.  AND, who could forget dessert in the form of our famous Dutch oven brownies!

Photo credit: srillgarcia.com

For daytime activities, HTXoutdoors brought stand-up paddleboards for some fun in the river.  There was also a group of members who hiked 7 miles on Saturday morning.

Some of our members stayed up late into the night on both nights of camping to do some star-gazing and enjoy the fire.


Think this looks and sounds awesome?  Well, you’re in luck because this event is ANNUAL and is already on the calendar to kick off the next camping season.  So register here!


Key Take-Aways

  • HTXoutdoors helps to facilitate carpooling for members (look for links in the members only information section of the event description)
  • At some parks we are able to reserve specific sites in advance. Some parks have only first-come, first-serve campsites, so the event leader will communicate the specific location the day of the event.
  • Campsite duties, such as meal prep and cleanup, are shared so member can learn dutch oven cooking and types of meals you can have camping.
  • HTXoutdoors accommodates dietary restrictions! Be sure to include that information in the notes when registering.
  • Read the event descriptions - some camping trips have HTXoutdoors “bring the kitchen” and others are “DIY” where you bring your own food and supplies.
  • Most of our camping trips are dog friendly (for friendly dogs), but not all. This is event-specific, so make sure to read the entire event description and check the park’s website for their rules, too.  We aren’t rulebreakers! 🙂


Still have questions? Come to our in person (and live stream) Camping 101 event at Whole Earth Provisions on February 13th, Click the link for more information and to register!


Upcoming Camping trips with HTXoutdoors

HTXoutdoors has THREE major camping trips coming up on the calendar in Spring 2019: Camping at Lake Livingston in February, Dutch Oven Camping at Double Lake in March, and Big Bend Adventure in April. Click the links for more information and to register!

Photo credit: srillgarcia.com

And special thanks to High Brew Coffee for keeping us fueled during our trips!  #forthosewhodo

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