Rock Out Weekend!

Sunset paddles, hiking, scenic drives or bike rides, swimming, live music & more! Our getaway weekend is back!

Sunset paddles, hiking, scenic drives or bike rides, swimming, live music & more!  Our getaway weekend is back!

“Before the 2011 wildfire, loblolly pines covered most of Bastrop State Park. Because this pine pocket was separated from the East Texas Pineywoods by over 100 miles, this area is known as the “Lost Pines.” How did they get here? Pollen records show that pines have persisted in this area for over 18,000 years. They were probably once connected to the Pineywoods region. Over time, the climate became drier and the region covered by pines shrank. The local PINEY sandy soils provided conditions for these WOODS “Lost Pines” to survive. In fact, the pines LOST PINES have become genetically unique, having adapted to 30% less rainfall than loblollies from East Texas and adjacent states. The Lost Pines loblollies represent the westernmost stand of loblolly pine trees in the United States.”

Member Only Information (login to view): 

4 Separate Houses.  Each house has:

♦  4 bedrooms – 3 rooms with 1 Double Bed & 1 Room that shares multi twin beds

♦  1.5 baths plus extra sink area; extra showers are really close.

♦  Screened in porch with small table and chairs. (bring your own chair as there are not enough chairs in the house area)

What you bring: 

  • Pillow, sheets, and blankets
  • Chairs
  • Games
  • Your outdoor toys, bikes, hiking gear, etc.
  • Anything specific you want

What HTXO Brings:

  • Food!  Hot meals for breakfast & dinner plus items for you to make lunch.
  • Coffee
  • Kitchen supplies for a community kitchen
  • Paper Plates and silverware (if you don’t want to use plastic cutlery, you can bring your own.)

Fees:  Registration opens Friday at 9 am.

  • Private Room – 1 Double Bed = $400 for 1 person or 2
  • Shared Room – Single Bed = $250 per person
  • Tent Camping – bring your own tent and set up outside. = $175 per person

All fees include 3 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches & 3 Dinners, Bastrop State Park Entrance fees & parking fees, Lake Bastrop entrance fees for 1 day, use of SUPs, Kayaks or Canoes, lodging.

All fees include 3 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches (light sandwiches to go as many people eat out and leftover if any) & 3 Dinners, Bastrop State Park Entrance fees & parking fees, Lake Bastrop entrance fees for 1 day, use of SUPs, Kayaks or Canoes (1 day during community event), lodging.


Before August 1st – 90% refund.  On or after August 1st, no refunds unless someone takes your spot, then 90%.


We can accommodate various food restrictions such as vegetarian, no pork, gluten free.  When you RSVP, please let me know if you have any food restrictions.

NOTE:  We do ask, if you request a specific option, that you stick to it.  For example, if you request gluten free and I make a really good mac and cheese, please don’t eat the mac and cheese. 😀 Yes, this has happened before.  We put a lot of effort into planning meals to accommodate everyone and we portion the servings based on your requests.

* New to HTXO or just never made it to the “Rock Out Weekend”?  

Here’s a quick overview of what the fuss is all about.  The name comes from originally renting a house to do a bike ride to Enchanted Rock (the rock) and back.  But, we got to the house and no one really wanted to ride that hard, it was more of a “hey let’s just chill and enjoy the Hill Country”……..

Every year more people came and we had to find a bigger house until we settled on a yearly event with a little bit of everything. 

Hiking and biking, swimming, and kayaking. 1000’s of stars and room for everyone.  It’s “rustic” (don’t expect mints on the pillows) and comfortable.  There are always several cabins of varying sizes scattered around the properties.  We do our best to accommodate, help people find roommates if you need one, and make sure the rooms fit the people.  No worries, there is no shortage of bathrooms.  

There are also refrigerators, mini-kitchens, feel free to also bring your own coolers.

We share dinners and breakfast items are laid out to grab as you go out the door to whatever adventure you have planned for the day

Dinners and breakfast foods are included in the price – that is Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights and Friday, Saturday Sunday mornings.  We also put some lunch “fixins” out if you want to grab a sandwich to go for the day. We have some Members who are amazingly talented in the kitchen and on the grill so expect to be full and happy after dinner and ready to hang out under the stars.

And yes, we do ask everyone to pitch in and help – there will be a sign-in board for volunteering.

Before the weekend kicks off, there will be numerous events posted on the Calendar for the weekend.  These events always include hiking, kayaking, biking in the area. Rock climbing in the area.  Swimming in our private swimming hole, sightseeing all around the area.  Wine tasting & even whiskey tasting at times.  

In addition to the events that are posted on the calendar, there are whiteboards for last-minute events, event changes, event ideas, pretty much anything to do with events…….Can’t wait to have you join us! 


Event Date & Time:

  • Date: September 8, 2022 - September 11, 2022
    Time: Members Only
We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.


  • Teresa
  • Ari
  • Marci
  • Andrea
  • Janann
  • Duane
  • Laura
  • Karen
  • Lisa
  • Millie
  • Eric
  • Rochelle
  • Robert J
  • Sue
  • Erik
  • Max
  • Melissa
  • Diane
  • Robin
  • Daniel
  • Karen
  • Fran

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