Yellowstone & Grand Teton

Explore Grand Teton & Yellowstone

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Rough Itinerary:

Grand Teton - May 25 - May 29

Fly into Salt Lake City by Friday evening. Drive 5 hours to Grand Teton.

If you only plan to do the Grand Teton part of the trip, this group can decide to take a car to Yellowstone 1 day.

Tuesday morning - head back to Salt Lake City

Yellowstone - May 29 - Jun 2

Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat - Hiking in Yellowstone.
Saturday night- head back to Salt Lake City. (arrange hotel accommodations individually)
Sunday - fly home anytime.

Arrive on Friday by 4:40pm.  We'll group arrivals together into rental cars to save on costs.

Fly out on Saturday night after 8pm to anytime Sunday, June 3rd.

If you're leaving on Tuesday, plan a late flight so you can drive back to Salt Lake City on Tuesday.

Rough Costs per person:
Flight - $500-$600
Rental Car assuming 4 people per car - $150-200
Gas assuming 4 people per car - $50
Parking - $50 (if anyone has a national park pass, this will be less. I have 1.)
Airbnb - $75 per night.  If we end up getting a cheaper house or more RSVPs, I'll refund the difference.
Food - We can grab food at the store there or there are a few restaurants. We can decide as a group.

Total Estimated Costs - $900 - $2000.

HTXO Fee below is for accommodations from May 25 - Jun 2.  Still need a place on Jun 3 near the airport.  We can share a cheap hotel if anyone is interested... need to know # of people first.

Teton Village

About 30 minutes from Grand Teton.  We'll stay here from Friday night until Tuesday morning.  On Tuesday, either drive back to Salt Lake City or drive over to Yellowstone.


About an hour to Old Faithful... we'll plan some scenic drive and half day hikes.  Yellowstone is pretty spread out and the closer you get, the more expensive it is.  We found a great house that puts us right in the middle of nature!

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  • Date: May 25, 2018 - June 3, 2018
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